FBA in the World


of 160 to 1100 TN.

$ 145 M
Annual turnover

The strategic fineblanking alliance
to be more global and go further

Fineblanking Alliance (FBA) is the perfect solution to expand your supplier pool and markets in strategic countries.

Thanks to the alliance formed by CFTC and SANJO, you will be able to manufacture your fineblanking products and other precision technologies closer to your end client, by making the most of the production facilities in Asia, Europe and North America. FBA provides you with a more competitive edge by cutting costs in logistics and transport and also minimizing the environmental impact.


With 8 production plants worldwide and 34 fineblanking presses, the FBA is the best way to broaden your horizons and reach new markets and ever-growing goals.

More Global, , More Productive, More Competitive