The allies


Ever since it was established in 1992 in Taiwan, CFTC has been an innovative thinker and has built an outstanding quality system.

Devoted to the development of fineblanking technology, CFTC has expanded to different areas in China to meet our customers’ rising demands.

We always strive to bring the most effective solutions to our customers.


Founded in Barcelona in 1967, SANJO is a Multinational Family Group that specializes in precision technologies.

Although the group first started as a tool manufacturer, it later specialized in fineblanking, as well as assemblies, finishes and heat treatment.

For over 50 years, we have been consolidating our leadership with relentless efforts and the motivation to improve day after day.

Our allies – CFTC, China Fineblanking Technology Co. Ltd. and SANJO Group – are totally independent of one another and must always comply with the agreed standards to ensure full transparency, commitment and regulatory compliance.

The strategic alliance of fineblanking manufacturers